The Porsche Macan and Cayenne print money for the German automaker. Despite cries from purists that building an SUV would water down the brand, the market has spoken. The Cayenne kicked off the performance SUV segment way back in 2002. After witnessing Porsche’s profits, nearly every other luxury or performance automaker has followed suit. Though it would surely be a huge sales success, Car and Driver reports that Porsche has no plans for a GT-badged Macan or Cayenne, discounting the GTS models of course.

Porsche’s GTS models aren’t full GT cars, just performance spec mid-level models. Andreas Preuninger, the man behind the new 911 GT3, says that there will be no Macan GT3 or GT2. He accurately points out that GT cars have a direct relationship with racecars, and since Porsche doesn’t compete in any racing series with their SUVs, there won’t be any GT variants on the road. Preuninger did say that Porsche might consider such a model if the Macan or Cayenne were to enter the Dakar Rally, but that the automaker has no plans to do so.

This seems to counter the logic of some of Porsche’s competitors. BMW M and Mercedes-AMG both placed their touch on SUV with models like the X5 M and GLE 63. A GT-badged Porsche SUV would surely sell like proverbial hotcakes, but it looks like that’s a bridge too far for Porsche.


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